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Offline Update for Le 1s and Le 1s Eco Eui 5.8.017S Step-by-Step Tutorial

Note: Please carefully read this  before upgrading to Eui 5.8.017S and follow instructions.Please follow below steps:














  1. To upgrade to EUI5.8.017S (Marshmallow), your phone should be previously upgraded to EUI 5.5.014S.

  1. If your phone is already upgraded to EUI 5.5.014S, you can skip this steps and move to Upgrade Guidelines directly. Or else follow the below procedure.


  1. Please upgrade your phone to EUI 5.5.014S (Click here to download)


  1. Please back up all data in your phone to your PC or any other devices to prevent accidental data lost.


  1. Please make sure your phone has enough battery charge or is connected to a charger before upgrade.


  1. It will take 15 minutes approximately to complete the upgrade. Please be patient during the process and do not power off your phone.


  1. The size of the upgrade pack is 1.3GB, so please make sure that you have at least 2GB free space on your phone before upgrading.


  1. Follow Step 2 from Upgrade Guidelines to upgrade your phone to 14S.


  1. After upgrading from Android 5.0 to Android 6.0, the system bottom code logic will change and reverting or downgrading to Android 5.0 will not be possible.


Upgrade Guidelines:

  1. Users are required to download the upgrade pack via PC or MAC. (Download link)
  1. Connect your phone to the PC or MAC, change the upgrade file name to (no capital letters) and place the zip file under the Root menu of the phone.
  2. Go to your phone and tap on System Update, then tap on the top-right button with the 3 vertical dots to see more options and tap on Local update to begin your upgrade.







Q1. How do I place the zip file in the Root menu of the phone SD card?

A:Connect your phone to the PC or MAC, right click on the downloaded zip file and select Copy. Then open up your phone folder from your PC or MAC, right click at any blank area in this folder and select paste. Please make sure you don’t put the zip file in any folders.

Q2. Do I need to unzip the file after downloading it?

A:No, you do not need to unzip it.

Q3. Why does it keep saying that update file cannot be found?

A:Please check the full name of the file, it could named as ‘’.

Q4. Do I have to download update file from the official site? Can I download it from any other 3rd party site?

A:We strongly recommend you use update file from our official site. To avoid any factors beyond our control, please do not use any update file from any other source.

Q5. How do I back up my data?

A:You can connect your phone to PC or MAC, then use some 3rd party phone manager application to back up your phone.


Feedback:If you encounter any issue during upgrade, please post on the Feedback app on your phone.


Reminder & Declaration

1.Please only use the download link that was posted by our LeMe forum.
2.Please read this notice carefully and follow the steps to upgrade your device.
3.If the user does not follow the given instructions, he will solely be responsible for any kind of physical damage of the device, 3rd party App virus or other reason that causes upgrade failure, hardware or system damage and data lost etc.
4.Your phone warranty still continues after the upgrade.
5.You are fully aware and have accepted the fact that after upgrading from Android 5.0 to Android 6.0, the system bottom code logic will be changed and reverting back or downgrading to Android 5.0 will not be possible.
6.You are fully aware and accept the fact that after the upgrade, there will be a difference between the new version and your current version. It will ask you to follow certain setups (including but not limited to password and fingerprint authentication, etc) to confirm and accept certain End-User Licence Agreements. If you cannot accept the above conditions, please do not upgrade your phone and continue to use the current version.
7.This update file is free, and it is up to you to choose whether to update or not, the provider of the update file is not responsible for any technical defect of the file and the cause of data lost.




Key Feature Eui 5.8.017S:
[Mail] Added Cloud Attachment Which Allow Up To 2GB Single File and 50GB in Single Mail

Added Task Event

Added Mosaic Effect in Photo Editor.

Added Very Large Font

Added Fingerprint App Lock

[Phone Manager]
Added App Battery Usage Alert
Added App Warehouse
Added access to App lock and Privacy Lock

[Fast Transfer]
Added Fast Transfer

Added Dual Clock widget

Added Hide Album Feature

Added Hide Message Feature


Added Dolby Atmos Setting
Added Separate Ringtone setting for each SIM.
Added Privacy Lock

Added Three Finger Screenshot


Added Rich Text Edit Function

Optimized System Energy Consumption.

Release Note


Added Very Large Font
Added Android Dynamic Permission Management
Added Battery Consumption Curve View
Added Battery Temperature Indicator
Updated Google Security Patch to 1st June
Optimized APP start up speed.
Optimised System Energy Consumption.
Optimised continuity when switching between apps.
Added access to settings for some Apps.
Added Small Font option.

[Phone Manager] Added App Battery Usage Alert
Added App Warehouse
Added Excess Trash Alert
Added App WIFI Connection Control
Added access to App lock and Privacy Lock

[Contact, Call]
Added Favorites Contact
Added Merge Same Contact in Different Account
Added Call Widget
Optimised Call log loading speed.
Optimised Call log and Dialer number string display to local customs.

[Email] Optimized Mail Loading Speed
Changed Mail Sent Notification to Sending Progress Bar
Added Cloud Attachment Which Allow Up To 2GB Single File and 50GB in Single Mail
Added New Mail Homepage
Optimised homepage loading speed.
Optimised interaction when quitting mail edting.
Added Cloud Attachments detail page

[One Touch Restoration]

Added One Touch Restoration

Optimized UI Visual Effect.
Added New Photo Display Page, Categorize Photo by Time and Location
Added Recycle Bin
Added Mosaic Effect in Photo Editor.
Optimized ‘Long Press’ interaction in Album page
Optimised Gallery performance.
Added Hide Album Feature
Added Watermark Feature
Added Album Whitelist and Blacklist backstage management.

Added Message Delivered Alert
Optimized message list loading speed
Added Private message feature
Added ‘The number of forwarding message’ Switch
Added default message sending SIM option

Added Do Not Disturb
Added App Lock
Added Dolby Atmos Feature
Added Separate Ringtone setting for each SIM
Added Privacy Lock Feature

[Sound & Vibration]
Added SMS, Notification Tone Customization.
Added Vibration Alert When Silent Mode Turned On

Optimised Cloud Sync Function and Data Usage Control

Added Task Event

Optimized Folder Background Color that will Change According to Wallpaper Colour.
Added Desktop Order Re-arranged
Added Pinch Gesture to enter Desktop Management


  1. I downloaded this zip in my mobile by chrome desktop view. And renamed as update. Zip. Ofter that i choosed local update and selected.then switched off. But doesnt on and no further movment. Was waiting past half hour. Ther is no action. How long i should wait. And what to do ofter that? Please help me

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